Monday, 24 March 2014

What do you do with all those Gelli prints?


Gelli Prints

Some of them are just the result of cleaning off the brayer or practice stamps and stenciling.....

and some of them will become journal pages (eventually)
but, I have a lot of prints just waiting.... I got busy with a rotary cutter and cut them up into two inch squares (you get 20 pieces if your Gelli plate is 8x10) and I stuck them down on a canvas board with matt medium.  I decided that they were a bit too uniform in size so I started to cut them into random sizes and strips.

I am quite pleased with the result :-)  What do you think?
Gelli plate monoprint collage

 close up views

close up views
 close up views
 close up views


Vicki said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your process, I loved this post.

Gigha Klinkenborg said...

Thanks Vicki, I'm glad you liked it x

pedalpower said...

I think it's beautiful! What a great idea.

Addie said...

Wow!1 You are incredibly talented!! Fabulous art!!